Somatic Nurse Coach Certification

This 6-Module Hybrid course is ideal for ALL nurses! Use Somatic Nursing in your current practice or build your own, either remote or in-person!

What you will be able to do upon graduating:

  • Private Practice: Consider establishing a private practice specializing in somatic nursing. This could involve one-on-one sessions with clients seeking a personalized approach to their healthcare and well-being.
  • Research and Publications: Engage in research projects related to somatic nursing, contribute to scholarly publications, and present findings at conferences. This can contribute to the growth and recognition of somatic nursing as a field.
  • Teaching and Training: Share your knowledge by conducting workshops, seminars, or training sessions for healthcare professionals, educators, or the general community. This can contribute to raising awareness about somatic nursing and its benefits.
  • Clinical Practice Enhancement: Integrate somatic nursing principles into your clinical practice, enhancing patient care by incorporating a holistic approach focusing on the mind-body connection.
  • Community Outreach and Education: Collaborate with local communities, schools, or organizations to promote somatic nursing and its benefits. This can involve organizing outreach events, providing educational resources, and fostering a greater understanding of the mind-body connection in healthcare.
  • Consultation for Healthcare Facilities: Offer your expertise as a consultant to healthcare facilities interested in incorporating somatic nursing practices into their programs, enhancing overall patient care and staff well-being.

  • Have a Somatic Nursing Practice: Own your practice, see your own clients. Be your own boss!

What you will get:

  • Self-Discovery: Delve deep into self-awareness and unlock profound insights into your psyche. Over 20 Hours videos to enhance your learning experience
  • Emotional Mastery: Understand your psyche and the intricacies of your emotions and their profound impact on holistic well-being. Somatic Nursing Workbook & Tools PDFs included with the course
  • Break Free: Liberate yourself from addictive patterns, habits, and behaviors hindering growth. Accountability during each module.
  • Healing Journey: Let go of past wounds, limiting beliefs, and negative thought patterns, allowing for profound healing. Continue your journey even after the course ends with our CommUNITY
  • Empower Others: Acquire valuable tools and insights to support and guide others on their healing journeys. Learn vital skills that can save lives.

  • Flexible Learning: Choose your path—self-paced sessions—to fit your unique schedule and learning style.

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Invest in yourself today and join a nurturing community of holistic healers. Shape your future as a somatic nurse coach and become a catalyst for positive change in the lives of others. Your soul deserves this journey, and the world needs your healing touch. Upon completion, a certificate will be issued, and you will gain a community of like-minded nurses!

If you would like a different payment plan than the ones listed, please email somaticnursing@gmail to discuss.

Please read: There are no refunds for this course. Once signed up and accessed the modules, you will not be refunded. If there is no access to the modules, a refund will be considered, or you can pick another start date.

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